The Perfusion Systems and Accessories are gravity-driven products with combined standard components, such as filters, drip chambers, luer-lock connector, and other accessories. The disposable set essentially consists in the length of a tube for establishing a fluid connection from a dispensing unit towards and into another device (needles, catheters) adapted to dispense the fluid into a patient vein. Accessories are to be used as an extension for fluids administration in perfusion techniques. They can be used together with the infusion systems manufactured by BHL or manufactured by others. Since they have luer connection they are compatible with all the medical devices that use luer connections for the same intended use.

The Filling system of nutrition bags is intended not for direct infusion into the patient, but for the preparation and filling of parenteral feeding bags whose feed, prepared therein, will subsequently be administered to the patient.

BHL-IVPC can be used in applications that require multiple IV peripheral access, usually IV fluids at the same time.